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Please contact if you are at all interested in joining us. Or complete the form HERE and mail to the address below

We are a small charitable children’s sailing club run entirely by unpaid volunteers. We offer formal RYA sail training to children ages from 8 to 18 and for some adults. The ethos of the club is to make learning a Safe Affordable Fun Experience. We have been operating for over 25 years in the area, but recently we became a self-governing independent charity within facilities provided by Brixham Harbour authorities. Our web site gives further details; we take great pride in being open and above board with everything we do.

We are completely insured and fully accredited and inspected by the RYA. We have over 40 young people as members of the club with upwards of 20 volunteers available (But of course not all available at all times)

We have twenty one sailing dinghies and three safety ribs, along with two steel containers (one for storage and one clubroom), a small WC hut and a registration ‘shed’. All situated in Oxen Cove Brixham.

We would be grateful for any sort of assistance from anyone who would like to be involved, especially parents, family and former students. Roles are many and varied and can be adapted to suit any individual’s availability and expertise. We do not EXPECT help; we just appreciate what can be offered.

It is very rewarding to be involved with showing young people how to be safe and confident on the water and to help them be formally trained in new skills such as sailing. Any volunteers would find our club a welcoming and interesting experience, with immense feedback from all the members and other volunteers. There are many duties that require help and support, some small and some more involved. But we would be grateful for any assistance however small.

Any ‘unknown’ volunteer may be asked to complete a DBS form (free of charge) which is passed to the RYA and checks made.

In return for help we are willing to offer on water experience to any of our volunteers, such as “try sailing” or powerboat outings. We may even be able to provided free formal RYA training such as powerboat and safety boat certification to regular participants. (These courses are “in house and last two full days). (Full sail training would be under normal “course fees”)

Duties could involve merely assisting with launching and recovery or offering hot drinks at the end of a session, to crewing or driving a safety boat (with suitable training or qualifications). Any experienced sailors or qualified dinghy instructors are welcome to assist with training of either children or adults under the guidance of our qualified instructors.
We would very much welcome anyone with RYA qualifications. Current helpers range from builders, engineers, scientists and ex mariners to school workers and architects. We need skills from every walk of life to bring everything together, and every volunteer will be respected for their contribution.

Some of the other “work”

Fund raising   RYA qualified assistance
Publicity   Boat repair and maintenance
Advertising   Occasional “work parties” to move/stack boats for example.
Charity and other legal paperwork   Launch/recovery
Documentation development   Equipment maintenance
RYA consultations and training   Design work
RYA books and publications   General practical help

Funding, publicity and advertising would be in consutation with the committee and principal.

The paperwork and RYA side of things would be in consultation with the principal and instructors.

Some of the maintenance and practical help could possibly be done independently and unsupervised, with access to the clubs tools and equipment.

From the RYA guidelines and insurance policy

A volunteerĀ  shall mean a person whether or not a member of the named Insured who is performing work in or for The Business and for which such person receives no benefit in money or monies worth directly or indirectly from The Insured or any third party for the performance of the work other than normal travelling expenses.

We hope to arrange a “temporary” club membership system for all volunteers