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About BJSC
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About BJSC

Brixham Junior Sailing Club is a charity (CIO) and a not for profit limited company whose aim is to teach young people (and adults) how to sail and be safe on the water. The club is an accredited Royal Yachting Association training centre with fully qualified instructors, and most instructors have funded their own RYA qualifications. The charity is run purely by unpaid volunteers, and nobody receives any remuneration whatsoever. All on shore and on water activities are monitored at all times by qualified and experienced personnel. All instructors and volunteers are DBS checked and have First Aid certificates, and we operate a strict child protection policy, with four Club Welfare officers.

Safe Affordable Fun Education

The junior club was originally formed unofficially in 1989 by a group of dedicated volunteer members of Brixham Yacht Club from a very small junior section, it then became a not for profit limited company in 2004 to assist with fund raising. (See History). Until late 2016 BJSC enjoyed a very close working relationship with the yacht club and for over 15 years BJSC had been granted the use of a section of the BYC compound (which BYC rented from the council), to carry out its training activities for the children of Brixham. The compound had even been expanded by BJSC to accommodate its equipment.

Unfortunately in 2016 changes took place at BYC which imposed difficulties between the two clubs. BYC applied for, and were granted, RYA training accreditation in addition to that held by BJSC. BJSC were then requested to reduce the space that they used in the rented compound in order to allow additional paid dinghy storage for the yacht club, and BYC also wished to create a commercial training operation. The required reduction in space would have made BJSC unable to function as a viable voluntary and non-commercial training establishment, and in early March 2017 BJSC were given notice to vacate the BYC compound.

Fortunately Brixham Harbour Authority and local councillors recognised the value of BJSC to the local community and hurriedly arranged for space to become available in the harbour compounds. On April 14th 2017 BJSC completed the transfer to this new area. With grateful thanks to many local businesses and individuals who helped with all parts of the relocation. The club now operates from several harbour authority compounds in Oxen Cove (Brixham) kindly overseen by the harbour authorities.

he club can accept children from the age of 10 to16, but occasionally from the age of 8 if they have an elder sibling with us or under special circumstances. Older children may even start in second or even third year groups, with suitable experience. We can accept up to 18 young people in any one year at the moment. We also admit adults who are interested in learning to sail, but numbers are limited to six newcomers in any one year. (However we are very flexible).

We are forced to charge a modest subscription each year, but this is kept to the barest minimum in order to make our club available to as many local children as possible.  All subscriptions, donations and funds are used solely for on-going club expenses and maintenance.  We actively encourage both youngsters and adults to remain with the club and help as volunteers, and to continue their training as assistant instructors and to go on to become full RYA dinghy instructors. The club undertakes to provide regular volunteers with free power and safety boat training, free “Safe & Fun” courses  and sponsored first aid qualifications which are all required for any on-going RYA dinghy instructor’s courses. (The RYA dinghy instructor’s course are not funded by BJSC but may be arranged “in house”)

As mentioned we operate from several Torbay harbour authority compounds in Oxen Cove (Brixham) where we have direct access to a public slipway launching facility.   There is no private parking on site, but there is public parking adjacent to our facilities. Limited parking permits can be obtained from Torbay Council for parking from 1500 until 1000 in certain cark parks including Oxen Cove.

The club has a total of 24 boats. These are :
6 Wayfarer dinghies, large 16ft boats used for novice and onward training (some with spinnakers) (One may be away being refurbished)
10 Laser Pico dinghies 11½ft either single or two handed with one or two sails
6 RS Feva XLs 12ft youth performance dinghies with asymmetric spinnakers
3 outboard safety ribs
1 x 17ft with 60hp
1 x 15ft with 30hp
1 x 14ft with 25hp (new)
We also have two 20ft containers (one for storage and one as a club room) plus a small registration shed.

BJSC normally operates every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 1700 until 2000 (or a bit later in the summer). In 2019 we intend to split students into six groups to make the most efficient use of our resources.

On TUESDAY first year novice students along with some adults and second year students will attend. All new trainees are taken in Wayfarer dinghies with three young students or two adults and an instructor in each boat. At the same time second year students use mainly Pico dinghies and occasionally Fevas either single or two handed.

On WEDNESDAY first year novice students along with novice adults and third year students will attend. All new trainees are taken in Wayfarer dinghies with three young students an instructor in each boat. The third year students and adults use Picos and Feva dinghies and occasionally train in Wayfarers if available.

In 2019 we again hope to have two full days of training over two weekends for each group at the beginning of the season. These training days will depend on the weather conditions but might be rearranged if the weather is not suitable at the time.
We occasionally have all day sessions on a Saturday, designated as “Fun days” when we might have on water games, races, or just simple fun sailing and on water activities, everyone is invited.

 BJSC Changing Facilities 2019

At the moment we have no showers or dedicated changing facilities. We hope these will be available when the Oxen Cove development takes place, although we do have a WC (portable) for use of all members and volunteers. We also have a “cold” fresh water outdoor shower to wash off the salt water.
We can allocate supervised changing facilities but this is sometimes difficult. We would suggest that all students come changed and ready to go on the water with buoyancy aids and wind proof top with wet suit boots or old shoes. Also bring a warm change of clothes along with anything else you might need such as any medication. We have a secure place for valuables.

If by any chance you need to change then please speak to the registrar (in the shed) who will arrange a private dedicated space in the upper container. This would be monitored for individuals or groups (male or female) who would only be allowed to change under direct supervision. All bags/clothing should be left in the upper container on arrival. Everyone, including all parents/guardians can partake of hot chocolate which is available free of charge at the end of each session.

We are completely independent of the Brixham Yacht Club and in order to use their facilities you must be a yacht club member.

If you are concerned that someone is not following the Code of Conduct, you should inform our Club Welfare Officer or the person in charge of the activity.