2019 applications
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The 2019 applications ready for distribution along with the AGM papers

In total 103 application envelopes to include all volunteers and members

Hello All

You will either receive your application paperwork at the Prize Giving, or it will arrive in the post shortly afterwards.

We would very much appreciate it if you could tell us if you are NOT going to attend BJSC this season. This is important as we have several more people wishing to join, but awaiting cancellations.

The “applications” have been sent to everyone, including instructors, all volunteers and all members. The consent signatures on the reverse (and a separate sheet for under 18s) are VERY IMPORTANT

The GDPR consent is required to comply with the law, that you agree to give permission for your data to be used for club purposes.

The “Code of Conduct” consent is to ensure that we all agree to comply with the same guidelines, as they are described. This will assist all the volunteers and instructors (and members) as we will all be following the same rules.

For the under 18's a separate sheet is required with two further consent agreements to comply with Child Protection. ALL under 18 participants are required to have these signed by a parent or guardian. (Three consents in total)

We realise that this is a little onerous, but we must have these documents signed and recorded to comply with current legislation.

We also need ALL the volunteers and Instructors to complete the forms and consents, so that we have a complete record of everyone. (This was mentioned at last year’s RYA inspection)

We would ask that you complete the application form as soon as possible and return it in the addressed envelope provided. (Or hand it to Tim directly). Ideally we would like these returned by March 1st so that the numbers for next season and the registration sheets can be prepared. Please put a stamp on the envelope.

The subscriptions may be paid by bank transfer, cheque or cash to Tim. Please put your name and the name of the applicant on the cheque or BACS. The bank details are on each applcation form.

It has caused some difficulties in past years when we have not received applications in time, and have had to add new people after the registration sheets have been printed. (Numbers then have to be changed and other registration problems arise). We also need to know the numbers so that we can order the RYA books in the correct quantity.

We will have a very full attendance on each day this season so it is essential to have all the members and volunteers recorded.

In each envelope will be :
Addressed envelope to return applications
(Do not forget to put a stamp on the envelope please)
Letter/Pre-season training details on reverse
Application form/Consents on the reverse
Further consents for under 18s/Also on reverse
Code of Conduct/Brief rules
2019 Diary/Attendance details on reverse
Information about BJSC/Changing information on reverse
A reminder of what to wear/Volunteer information on reverse
A brief RYA logbook/Boat parts

(Some contents will be slightly different)