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NEW NEWS (See below)

Mike (our CI) and his pal Nick are going to cycle from John O Groats to Lands End (JOGLE) startin on May 20th raising money for BJSC.

The details with all the latest updates HERE

News HERE (Updated 27/04/2017)

Funding Page HERE

Connor has set up a fundraising page to help with raising funds towards a new boat and progressing his sailing. HERE Please help.

We are now offering a range of "Club" clothing with the club "Logo" embroidered on one side and your name or 'anything' on the other side. The logo printing will be coloured according to the background.

We have now sourced a "Windbreaker top" which can be obtained at a very reasonable price, including the club logo.

Please see some samples and prices HERE

To help with our finances we are offering BJSC mugs for sale at £5-00 each. We will make a small profit from the sale, all going into the funds. See pictures HERE. Email Tim with your requirements and he will get them ordered.


More news as and when it occur

April 29th We had a wonderful preseason work party with lots of very willing helpers Photos HERE

A few photos of the "Pico delivery" HERE and the new members HERE (Also on the Photos page)

We had a very well attended "Volunteers" meeting on Tuesday 25th April. The minutes will soon be available, but there were lots of ideas put forward which will all be tried and tested as we get the season stated.

The MOVE completed on April 14th 2017 (Good Friday) with a great deal of thanks to both our helpful volunteers and local businesess. Photos HERE

We are particularly thankful to the Brixham Harbour who have graciously offered this space so that we can continue training the children of the local area.

Again on Saturday 8th we had a large number of very willing and able helpers to help move our boats. We moved all the Wayfarers and Picos along with the Pico rack. We even managed to move our safety/registartion shed to its new location. All is going well, and we hope to complete everything by April 14th by moving the two containers.

On Thurday 6th many willing helpers arrived (almost unplanned) at the compound for which we offer our very grateful thanks. We rigged all the Fevas and prepared and washed all Wayfarers (boards and centre boards) and shifted ribs and Fevas to part of our new venue. We still need help to move the Wayfarers, shed and racks, hopefully on Sat 8th. The containers will be hopefully be moved on 12th or 13th. Then we will be totally in place at our new venue. The harbour have been extremely helpful, but we may need to refine our storage area at a later date. Our insurance has also been sorted, at a very reasonable premium. (See news to the right)

A meeting of parents, volunteers instructors, helpers and many junior members was held at Brixham Rugby Club on Monday 20th March. The meeting was arranged to keep everyone advised on the current situation at BJSC with regard to the circumstances and the possible change of venue.

A summary of this meeting can be found HERE

All BJSC members and associates have now been notified of the change in circumstances and the full annoncement can be found HERE

Our committee had met on March 14th and decided unanimously to progress the option of relocating to an alternative venue, if possible. Minutes of this meeting can be found HERE

Please note that ALL links to other web sites have been checked and found to be safe

Please be aware that all these generous grants are awarded for specific purposes and are NOT "ready money"

Yet more excellent news.

We have been awarded a further grant of £1500 towards new sails. This from the Devon Community Foundation. This is yet more superb news.

So far this year we have received a grand total of £16000 worth of grant funding and over £300 pledged from other sources. This indicates that we are a well recognised and supported organisation, despite our present difficulties.

Extra News FLASH


We have been awarded a substantial grant of £9500 from SPORT ENGLAND for the purchase of a new safety rib. More news on this later.


As of today we have been pledged over £300 by various club members and associates towards our funds. We thank all these donors immensly and are proud to be associated with you.

Brixham Town Council

Tim, Mike and Rob attended at the Brixham Town Council meeting on March 16th and our club was awarded a cheque for the very generous sum of £5000. Tim thanked the council and gave a short outline of our club and its aims. We will purchase three additional Pico dinghies to enhance our current fleet.

This button will allow you to donate funds to BJSC using our charitable status, with minimum PayPal fees to the club. You can select whether to pay by card or use a PayPal account.

A few videos have been added in the Sailing and Basic Skills section

Street view HERE

A bit of fun
Woodpecker HERE

A report HERE

& Food HERE

A game to test your skill at drawing HERE

Tim's boating history HERE

Photos of the BYC compound as it was in 2008 and 2010 HERE

April 2017
Updated Newsletter available

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